Monday, June 26, 2017

Anteks Hosted President’s Night Out

Johanna Keen, Alexa Para
Anteks owner Jason Lenox saved baby rhinos with every ceramic cactus, Hancock chair and Pendleton blanket this last May where at an anticipated occasion Candy Evans emceed. Most know after 35 years of business that Lenox’s interior design talents help us achieve pastoral elegance or log home luxury, but this summer the refined rustic aesthetic supported the rhino conservation efforts at Fossil Rim.
Lizzy Chesnut, City Boots Founder
Lenox hosted Presidents Night Out on May 11th where guests perused Anteks /Anteks Curated, saved 20% and benefited the cute horned creatures.  The event was Co-Chaired by Nita and Chris Hudson (past Dallas Safari Club President) and Martha Justice Moore.
Jason Morgan and Monica Radford
Those who attended mingled with the elite of Dallas Safari Club, Park Cities Quail, Fossil Rim, Weatherby Foundation, Quail Coalition, Texas Bighorn Society, Rolling Plains Quail, Stewards of the Wild, Bisbee’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Fund and many other likeminded associations.
Claire Hudson - Stuffed Rhinos for Conservation
Guests including DSC president Craig Nyhus, war veteran and author Jason Morgan, Fossil Rim Executive Director Dr. Patrick Condy, Trammel S. Crow and others also kicked around with local boot designer Lizzy Chesnut of City Boots, sported some ‘fashion for the field’ Upland Bespoke ladies’ vests and slid behind the steering wheel of a Jaguar and Land Rover.
Nita and Chris Hudson
And all savored Stratos Greek Taverna, Stoli cocktails, Peroni, Tequila Sheela, Cameron Hughes Wine and were entertained by Phil Brumley. 

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