Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Guest Post from Oh So Cynthia's Cynthia Smoot: Helping Our Heros

Mark Maness, Marine, Trip Bomar, Carl Fite

Mike Marasco, Jill Wedding

Murchison Oil Team

Partiotic Kickoff at Brookhaven

Registration for gold at Brookhaven

Rushie Mckenzie, Laurie Castellvi, Brandon Pelletier

WW11 Veteran Bill Holden, Guest of Honor Brandon Pelletier

Helping Our Heroes Connects Civilians To Veterans

From the airstrikes against ISIS to the controversy over President Obama’s salute coming off of Marine One, you can't turn on the news these days without seeing stories about our military presence around the world. When we think of our soldiers, you most likely picture them in combat or protecting our allies abroad. The majority of citizens tend to forget about soldiers when they come home. They back it back safely, everything should be fine. But for many the transition back to civilian life can be equally as traumatic as events that may have happened to them while they served especially if they've lost a limb or had serious injuries. Helping Our Heroes Foundation is a Dallas-based charity that works to help those that serve who now need our help to resume a "normal" life.

On Sunday, September 14 over 200 guests attended the Helping Our Heroes Dinner and Auction at the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner from Eddie Deen's, a silent and live auction, and words of encouragement and wisdom from 2014 Guest of Honor, General Terry Drake, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and speaker, Semper Fi member Brandon Pelletier. Pelletier was injured during a night operation in the Al Anbar Province in 2007. His right arm was crushed at the elbow. After several years of evaluations and multiple surgeries, Brandon still has no feeling and is unable to move his arm. These trials have not kept Brandon down and he enthralled and inspired guests with his moving speech about his journey back to a “normal life”. The next day, 300 golfers played a tournament at Brookhaven Country Club and helped raise additional funds through hole-in-one contests, a cigar bar, furthest from the tee contest, etc. While the final tally is still being calculated, event organizers feel confident that this year’s contribution will come in around $100,000.

Funds raised from this event will go to the Semper Fi Fund which helps Marines, sailors, and their families meet their financial needs during difficult times. The Fund works closely with the Marine Corps, the Navy, and the hospitals nationwide to identify and assess the needs of specific families. For more information on Helping Our Heroes,

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