Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nexus Recovery Center forms Corporate Council of 15 Recognized Local Leaders

Nexus Recovery Center is honored to work with 15 recognized leaders in their fields from various fortune 500 companies and national corporations based in Dallas. This brain trust will come together to improve daily operations at Nexus.  The goal is to provide a creative forum to brainstorm and find solutions to strategically streamline operations at Nexus Recovery Center.
Corporate Council members will meet four times over the course of the next year to brainstorm and innovate in a creative environment. They will lend their expertise in the areas of logistics, legal, tactical, process management and long term planning.
“Nexus is growing – we need to move our agency forward utilizing the skills of the best and brightest. Those that participate are excited that they are not tied to a traditional board infrastructure, and can still greatly impact those we serve, said Becca Crowell, Executive Director.  
Ken Smalling, Vice President, Global Communications for Kimberly-Clark said— “the corporate brain trust is a role model concept for using business leaders to help solve problems so Nexus can focus on doing meaningful and measurable good for those they serve.”
“The impact of the Corporate Council will be long-lasting and growth for the agency will be strategically planned, said President of Regions Bank, Scott Jones.

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