Friday, November 1, 2013

OWL will you give?

Today, we bring you the Big Owl Challenge

Why owls? Besides this festive time of year, owls are early environmental indicators of nocturnal wildlife in need of conservation, and they're also very beneficial to humans, as their diet includes pests like rats and mice. 

Why should you give now? As a nonprofit organization, Audubon Texas relies on your generous support to do the work that sustains Texas's owls and hundreds of other bird species in Texas, AND an anonymous donor has posed a $150,000 matching challenge to supporters who give now through December 31. 

What will your gift do?
$25 = four students sent through the four-hour expedition-style program that strengthens science skills and stewards an understanding of and appreciation for the natural world
 $100 = a month of food and habitat care for visiting education owls who help teach kids about their unique anatomy and nocturnal hunting patterns 
$1,000 = one acre of habitat restoration, which owls and their prey depend on for survival

Now through December 31, watch for Big Owl Challenge updates on the Audubon Texas Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages, and cross your fingers for great owl prizes to donors.

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