Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1: Extra Mile Day

Mayors across the United States are recognizing a growing movement to encourage individuals and organizations to “go the extra mile” in service and volunteerism. It is a day to renew our commitment to going the extra mile, and it is a day to acknowledge and thank those around us who go the extra mile for us in our everyday lives.

Thank you very much to the following mayors and cities for declaring "Extra Mile Day" in their communities:
Allen – Mayor Stephen Terrell
Arlington – Mayor Robert Cluck
Dallas - Mayor Mike Rawlings
Denton - Mayor Mark Burroughs
DeSoto - Mayor Carl Sherman
Irving – Mayor Beth Van Duyne
McKinney – Mayor Brian Loughmiller
Plano - Mayor Harry LaRosiliere

"We all talk about wanting change…happiness…more opportunity. However, relying on others to make that happen is only wishing for life to get better. Taking personal responsibility…and going the extra mile individually…is where true success is found. Extra Mile Day is a small reminder of the power we each have to create change at any time…on any day." --Extra Mile Day Founder Shawn Anderson.

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