Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ruthie's Rolling Cafe Announces "Ruthie's Dozen"

Our dear friends at Ruthie's Rolling Cafe have created a unique way to give back to the community. Through their new impressive award program “Ruthie's Dozen,” the company will showcase a select local nonprofit each month.  Ruthie's goal is to create awareness, increase fundraising, and highlight the philanthropic mission, all while providing delicious food from their food truck, Ruthie's Rolling Cafe.

The idea for Ruthie's Dozen was inspired by owner Ashlee Hunt Kleinert's family, especially her grandmother, Ruth Ray Hunt. "Through Ruthie’s Dozen, we hope to keep my grandmother’s legacy alive by helping others and creating awareness for important causes. Ruthie's Dozen is a very special award spotlighting a mix of some well known and some smaller, lesser known nonprofit organizations - but all need need visibility and all need our support," said Kleinert.

Ruthie's Dozen Features/Benefits:

* Every morning, for one month, Ruthie's will promote the selected nonprofit via social media – who they serve, statistics or nuggets of information surrounding their cause, their greatest needs, etc.

* Ruthie's will provide each nonprofit a weekly social media post to put on their respective websites regarding the Ruthie’s Dozen award. This will create awareness about the Ruthie's Dozen honor and tell fans how they can support the initiative.

* Each nonprofit will want to shout this information from the rooftop and ask their supporters to dine at Ruthie's during their special month. WHY? Because Ruthie's will donate 20% of its net profits to the selected charity that month.(10% from Ruthie's LLC and 10% matching gift from its founders = 20% going to nonprofit) - During that month, Ruthie's will roll to the winning nonprofit's facility during lunch in order to celebrate the nonprofit and the incredible work they do by providing lunch for staff members. Think of it as Ruthie's way to say, "Here's to you!"

Ruthie's Dozen Winners 2013
August – The SPCA of Texas
November - Senior Source
December - "Ruthie's Rookie" The Birthday Party Project

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