Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lily Med Spa Helps Feed the Homeless

 Are YOU longing for an end-of-summer spa treatment to make you refreshed and rejuvenated for Fall? I have just the place for you.  Not only was I looking for a good exfoliation to cleanse my face, but this tired mommy needed a quick lift and glow!  Somewhere between week five and six with our newborn, my face felt so tired, dull and dry. Did I mention tired?

I discovered a hidden jewel in Lily Med Spa. Located near Preston and Beltline in Dallas, Lily Med Spa specializes in advanced skin care, Botox, dermal fillers and laser technology that combines both aesthetic and medical procedures in a med spa setting.

All consultations are free, and cosmetic injections are performed by a registered nurse.  The spa's namesake, Lily, suggested that I start with a skin rejuvenation treatment - a microdermabrasion and light chemical peel to remove dead skin, unclog pores and even my skin tone. After just one treatment, my skin was instantly brighter, smoother and cleaner!

Call Tama today at 972-503-5459 to book your appointment. She is the owner and a Registered Nurse. Just wait until you see her gorgeous complexion!

Lily Med Spa offers a wide range of medical-grade spa treatments, and the best part... They've turned vanity into charity! Each time Tama treats a client's forehead with Botox, The North Texas Food Bank will feed three people a nutritious meal or feed one person for the day. Tama looks forward to not only making her clients look and feel good aesthetically but to offer relief to those who have a basic need such as food and nutrition. Tama stated, "I've always felt that cosmetic treatments had more than a skin deep value and I want to ensure that is true. Now a smoother and younger looking forehead has a greater purpose." 

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