Monday, April 25, 2011

Stanley Korshak and Share Our Strength

The saying "not in my backyard" is abundant, but it remains constant and true. There are many American children who go hungry every day and Dallas certainly has many youngsters with that very issue.

Stanley Korshak and Share Our Strength have teamed up to make NO KID HUNGRY a reality.
This is a growing problem and this collaboration can help take a bite out of childhood hunger.

The problem will not go away on its own, so Stanley Korshak has some incentive: buy an SOS card for $100 (or more) at their customer service counter or online. 100% of the cost of the card will go to Share Our Strength. A wonderful idea, especially if you have not been to the gorgeous Stanley Korshak, along with the message and donation for a terrific cause.

Please help our community: buy a card, shop and have a grand time while you are helping local kids have a meal. All of these donations will give these children the food they need to grow, be children and flourish. Hurry, this promotion is from April 20th - April 30th.

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