Thursday, April 28, 2011

Honorary Card to Thank Teachers

Community Partners of Dallas (CPD) is such an amazing organization and they have found a fun, innovative way to raise money for children to start the school year with the right supplies. In conjunction with their Back to School Drive, they are asking for a small price, then you are able to write an Honorary card to thank all of your wonderful teachers.

You are giving a teacher who commits to helping their students learn a beautiful card AND helping to provide school supplies. This is certainly a gift that keeps giving! Parents, if you are blanking out on a good gift for that special teacher, this sounds like a definite winner!

If you would like to honor someone, please CLICK HERE to fill out the form, which will ask all the other questions CPD needs to know. Everyone loves to get mail, you decide if you want to personally mail it or have CPD do it for you.


  1. Thanks SO much for helping us promote our school drive, Angie! It means so much to our kids -- Paige

  2. Paige, you are very welcome. There are so many wonderful teachers and they deserve this -- CPD helps our community so much, so thank you for that!!