Friday, January 28, 2011

"Not Guilty" T-shirt from Marie Claire

Women in Afghanistan are treated horrible. They are victims with no chance of justice in a country where, if convicted, the common judicial "due process" requires just two men to accuse a woman of a crime. These "moral crimes" are maddening: leaving an abusive husband's home without his permission landed an innocent woman in jail for a 10-year sentence; or being accused of having an affair or not willing to marry a rapist are just a few of the terrible examples. These moral crimes can not only lead to jail, but may be punishable by death. It is a very fair statement to say that Afghanistan may be one of the worse places to be a woman.
After an article was written in Marie Claire magazine, they were so appalled, they asked Design Bandit founder Jason Large to create the "Not Guilty" t-shirt. Purchase one for $25 and the Afghan Women's Justice Project will send the proceeds to the nonprofits helping these women and children in prison. This is for a very good cause, even though the issue is not right in front of you, plus each shirt purchased buys a child's milk for a month or school supplies for 10 prisoners. Get one or more today!

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