Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Red Cross' Holiday Cards for Heroes Campaign

As you know, disasters can happen anytime and holidays are no exception. Just since Thanksgiving Day, the Red Cross in Dallas has already been on the curb with nearly 100 people who were burned out by home fires. 

The dedicated disaster response teams are prepared to meet challenges such as this and understand how lives can be turned upside down in an instant by a home fire, a natural disaster or other tragedy. But to do what they do best they need the resources of food, supplies and emergency housing that your contributions make possible. Thank you so much for being there for these families this Holiday season, who are standing on the curb in this cold weather afraid and have nowhere to go. Because of you, the Red Cross is able to help. To make sure that your family is safe for Holiday home fires, check out our website for holiday fire safety tips here. Thank you!

The Red Cross is wrapping up their Holiday Cards for Heroes campaign where with over 7,000 cards signed by our community that will be sent to soldiers. They just received some holiday cards back from a Rockwall neighborhood and I just had to share with you a few of my favorites from the cards that the precious children wrote (In their true spelling!):

“Thank you for protecting America and going in to battle for the world. And soldiers thank you for battling in any weather.”

“Thank you for serving us. Thanks for fighting for us. Thanks for protecting us. Have a happy Christmas soldiers. In joy your holiday. By Rocio”

“Dear American Solider, Happy Holidays! My name is Kaden. I am sorry that you don’t get to go home for the holidays. Thanks you for serving this countrie. I wonder if you like the Texas Longhorns. I am fromTEXAS. Kaden”

“Dear Veteran, Thank you so much for fighting in our country! We’re praying 4 you! We hope you have an awesome Christmas! Remember, when you feel sad, lonely, or scared, trust me your never alone! You have your friends and a guardian angel above you. I hope all of your dreams come true! Remember I am praying for you, Sincerely, Laura Bender 10 year old”

“Thank you for saving are school. Thank you for leeding people to be free. And thank you for houp and freedom. Hope you see your family and children. Angelica”

“Hello Soldiers. Hi how are you doing. You guys are my heros and I look up to you and I did not know respet is but once I heard about it. I look up and final no what respect is now. You are my hero for ever. Love Xavier. You are my best hero!”

Don’t these just warm your heart! I couldn’t get enough. I typed out some of the other cards and attached it to this email in case you wanted to keep reading. : )

If you want to help,    Shop the Red Cross Holiday Catalog! While you’re making your lists, checking them twice and preparing for this holiday season, remember that disasters don’t take holidays. They can strike at any place, at any time, leaving those affected distraught and without hope. Victims of this disaster and others desperately need your help. Be the one to meet their need by visiting the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog.There, you can end your search for the hottest toy and choose to provide a hot meal for victims of disaster. Or wrap up your holiday shopping by wrapping three children in Red Cross blankets for a gift of only $18. You can help turn tragedy into hope by shopping for gifts that truly save the day.

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