Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recycling in Dallas

This summer, as our city heats up and we use more energy than ever, please help the community by doing your part to give back, preserve, and reuse what has already been created. I was inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP newsletter today, which speaks about ways we can become more energy efficient in the home, traveling, and in every day life. Just last weekend, I changed nearly every light bulb in my home to the CFL's (compact fluorescents) the newsletter touches on and recommends. As our population grows, so does our energy consumption, our trash, traffic, and the impact we have upon the Earth. We must learn to live more neatly, cleanly, and efficiently together.

trash heap

An easy way to do this and give back daily is to recycle. I just moved this past May. My old complex had a recycling program already in place. I simply took out my plastics, papers, and glass bottles, placed them in the blue container, and that was that. My new building does not have recycling so things are a little bit more time-consuming. However, the smallest or largest inconvenience is not going to stop me from recycling. I'm reminded of the saying, "now that you know better, do better." Now that I know how long these items stay in the Earth, often never decomposing, how could I feel okay with myself as a person and throw them away? The answer is: do the right thing - recycle Dallas!

recycled cans

According to the website, with the city's new Too Good To Throw Away recycling program, "you can drop-off plastic containers with the recycling symbol for number 1-7, bottles and jars of any color, aluminum, tin, and steel containers, office paper, window envelopes, magazines, phone books, catalogues, paperback books, and brown paper bags in the new Big Blue Container with no need to separate!"

Drop-off locations are expanding and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Recycle Dallas! Find your nearest location to make a continual difference!

If your facility would be interested in sponsoring a site, please contact: 214.670.3555.

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