Thursday, June 24, 2010

Save the Gulf

Many of us Texans travel to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico in the summer for a seaside retreat. With the current tragedy of the oil spill taking over the stunning blue green waters of the Gulf and wreaking havoc on marine life and animals, it is easy to feel both devastated and helpless. Because of it all, for the past few days I seem to have been thinking about one of my favorite Mary Poppins' songs, which touches on caring for living things that need our protection.

Fort Jackson oiled bird rehabilitation center receives 40+ brown pelican chicks, June 22nd, 2010.

And, did you know rehabilitated pelicans are actually being released in Texas? Here are just a few ways you can help efforts to restore the coast and care for all of the wildlife and marine life that desperately needs our help:

Wild Accessories: With a Pelican tie tack from Mignon Faget, raise awareness about the current disaster while benefiting the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana with your purchase.

A Wild Raffle: The New Orleans Saints hope to raise $1,000,000 for Gulf Coast relief by raffling off their Super Bowl XLIV ring (pictured above). This past Tuesday, the team paid a visit to the coast to see the effects of the oil spill. They will be selling tickets for $2 each to win the ring with a minimum purchase of ten tickets. It's the exact ring the players receive and the raffle winner will be announced at the nationally televised season opener on September 9th. Visit the raffle website here.

Wild About Non-Profits: The International Bird Rescue Center is dedicated to protecting and minimizing human impact on birds and wildlife. The IBRC has been working deoil and rehabilitate the thousands of birds that are being impacted and affected by the spill. Follow their work on their amazingly informational Facebook page.

Help them save the oiled wildlife in the gulf and donate here. You can also visit for more information on the oil spill and to also donate to relief efforts.

This is not a natural disaster, this is a man-made disaster. And, it truly is our duty to save and preserve the Gulf for future generations. Thank you for your support!

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