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Monday, September 26, 2022

Second Ever Screening of Emmy Nominated 'Farrah's Story', Hosted by Alana Stewart in Dallas, TX

On September 14th, guests gathered at the Inwood Theatre in Dallas, TX for a screening hosted by Alana Stewart, the President and CEO of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation.  A meet and greet with Stewart proceeded the screening, which filled the Inwood Lounge with excitement and anticipation. The invitation (selectively) sent explained that the screening of the documentary ‘Farrah’s Story', would be powerful, as it shows Fawcett’s intimate journey of battling cancer. Alana’s opening remarks reinforced the power of the 2009 Emmy-nominated documentary that gave hope to millions of viewers around the world.  

It was a shock to the world when Hollywood beauty icon, Farrah Fawcett went public with her cancer diagnosis.  Farrah was diagnosed (on Sept. 22, ’06) with anal cancer, which eventually metastasized to her liver.  She traveled to Germany to seek alternative treatments. After a valiant fight against the disease, she passed away on June 25, 2009. 

John Terlingo, Brent Rogers, Sami Abboud

During her treatment, she asked her close friend, Alana Stewart, to videotape her visits to the doctor so that she could remember everything that was said. As Farrah and Alana continued to document this journey, the idea of ‘Farrah’s Story’ became a reality.  

Lyn Skibell, Andrea Cohen

Much of “Farrah’s Story” includes real-life footage of Farrah visiting doctors and going through treatments, surgery, & recovery.  Alana, at one point, did not want to film Farrah during a violent episode of vomiting but Farrah insisted that she continue claiming "this is what cancer is"… This 1.5-hour piece does not hold back the behind-the-scenes struggle of this beauty icon ‘fighting the fight’ which gives hope to millions in treatment.  

Brittanie Oleniczak, Hilary Kennedy, Lisa Petty

The documentary aired on NBC to nine million viewers and was later nominated for an Emmy award. This event marks the second time it aired with the goal to raise awareness for the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s October 20th Tex-Mex Fiesta Benefit, featuring a performance by Sheryl Crow and benefitting the American Cancer Society and Stand Up to Cancer.

Following the screening, Alana Stewart signed personalized copies of her book, "My Journey with Farrah"

Guests included Sami Abboud, Alesia Coffman, Andrea Cohen, Carolina Coulter, Jessica Courvile, Lea Fisher, Delanie Foley, Abra Garrett, Blythe Grates, Hilary Kennedy, Ginny Lombardi, Sue Loncar, Zsofia Mezey, Jonika Nix, Brittanie Oleniczak, Lisa Petty, Brent Rodgers, Devin Savage, Nellie Scuitto, Lyn Skibell, Gavin Smith, Andrew Stevens, Melissa Spencer, John Terlingo and Tia Wynne.

For more information on the October 20th benefit, visit:

Ticket & Table Order Form - Farrah Fawcett Foundation (

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