Sunday, May 23, 2021

Anchor of Hope Subscription Box


We are SO excited to share a wonderful and unique subscription box with you!

The Anchor of Hope Box is a monthly subscription box filled with original, lifestyle items handmade by women who are survivors of human trafficking, refugees, or in other vulnerable situations.

The boxes stand out -- not just because of where they come from, but by who makes them.

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The idea for the brand was born in 2015 when Adrienne McCann met multiple refugees and survivors of trafficking while volunteering through World Relief Triad.  She recognized their need for income and community, so she started a program where the women met once a month to learn a new skill. The subscription box served as a way to sell their handmade items so these talented women could continue working and create sustainable income.

The Anchor of Hope Box artisans are like many of us - looking to feel empowered and provide a livelihood for ourselves and our families. Adrienne meets monthly with a group of local women, teaching them a new skill every month and paying them for their hard work. She also scours the globe looking for other organizations doing the exact same thing so they can be included in the box as well. 

Some of these artisans are survivors of sex trafficking in India and Asia. Some are women in Haiti that desperately need work in order to keep their daughters in school -- the best way to keep them from being kidnapped and trafficked. Some are organizations that teach refugee women -- relocated to the US -- the skill of sewing or jewelry making so they can provide for their families.  By supporting these vulnerable artisans, you become a giver of hope and sustainability, breaking lifelong cycles of poverty and giving dignity and the opportunity for healing.  

Each month, you will be surprised with three quality, handmade jewelry, accessories, home goods, ceramics, artwork, or exotic spices. One of the items each month is created by the women she teaches locally, and the other two items are sourced from other organizations working with marginalized women worldwide.  

The box contains an information card about the products and the artisans that made them.  Purchase as a one-time gift or sign up for the monthly subscription.

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