Thursday, February 2, 2017

What will be your family's legacy? Jubilee Society of Bryan's House Limited Memberships

The Jubilee Society of Bryan's House was formed with Princess Diana of Wales in mind.  She was a humanitarian who acted quietly to serve medically at-risk children with special health needs.

This distinguished group of women (and spouses/partners) will serve children impacted by HIV/AIDS in the “Heroes” program.

Membership is open to all ages and there is also a service-hours component available to members. The society’s founding group of 20 philanthropic and community leaders work with the membership to designate the funds raised by their efforts to the program within Bryan’s House that has the greatest need.

As a member, you will receive a legacy pin and membership that can only be passed down through your family. All funds raised through membership each year will provide focused therapy and direct daily care to infants ages 0-18 months at Bryan's House.

Only 500 memberships are available. Join The Jubilee Society and share something special with your daughter or son for your lifetime.

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