Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bryan's House Announces Launch of Jubilee Society

Bryan's House has announced the Jubilee Society, a group of leaders dedicated to engage people directly with the children served at Bryan's House.  Haylee Hall is leading this great movement and endeavor with excellence.

Founding Advisors include Jimmy Westcott, Carol Seay, Sarah Losinger, D'Andra Simmons, Nancy Roe, Lisa Genecov, Dotti Reeder, Jane Geisse, Robin Brister, and Kay Wood.

What IS the Jubilee Society?
The society provides (to Bryan’s House), a total of 5000 service hours from 500 members a year, who are leaning-in to serve at-risk families that have children with special medical needs.

Memberships are $50, and only 500 memberships are available. A lapel pin is provided for each member.

10 hours of service working directly with the children for various volunteer projects is required. That means working on adopt-a-family, rocking babies, art projects, hosting events in home to raise awareness, being a peer captain, luncheon volunteer, attending health events to advocate for Bryan’s House – it’s all possible. The member chooses the level of impact they want to make, that works with their schedule.

Jubilee Society Origin, Princess of Wales, was the first royal and woman of substance to kiss and embrace a person in public with HIV/AIDS, back in the 1980’s. It changed the way people saw those with special medical challenges – living with compassion and dignity was a focus. It is with Diana in mind that we named the society, and will bring people together to serve our children (we have infants right now, exposed and impacted by HIV/AIDS), and many more with special therapy and medical needs. We’ve impacted 402 children so far this year and predict over 600 children and 600 caregivers/parents served this year alone.

This is humanitarian work, combined with savvy leadership – it’s a win-win!

Stay tuned for updates and a launch party announcement in the coming months.

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