Friday, October 31, 2014

Young Friends of Wilkinson Center Silently Disco'd the Night Away {Society Pics}

On October 24th, Candleroom was the locale for The Young Friends of Wilkinson Center's Silent Disco bash.  6 DJ's played throughout the night in two sets.
Each guest was given a set of headphones with three different frequencies. Depending on which frequency you chose, the headphones would light up in a different color for each channel. Each color corresponded to a DJ that was spinning. However, when you take your headphones off, you don't hear the music. Fun concept!
Neon gift bags were sold for $5 at entry, which included light-up glow glasses, necklaces and bracelets to complement the Neon Silent Disco theme. 
With approximately 300 partygoers in attendance, the event raised just over $7,000. Neon fun for a worthy cause.
Scroll down to see some of the smiling faces who were in attendance.
Photo Credit: George Fiala

Jody Warner, Melissa Martinez, Kendall Maxwell
Laura Ailshire, Katie Cooke
Chela Moros, Abe Hashmi
Hunter Heres, Cole Egger
Baylea Wood, Katie Cooke
Kristen Johnson, Laura Reeder, Jane Rozelle, Lauren Mason
Lauren Johnson, Donovan England

Chris McColpin, Jennifer Bell
Julia Wood, Thy Houng, Josh Barron, Zach Heard, Logan May, Stephanie Plaisted
Collin Cox, Kristen Miley
Candleroom decor
Amanda Fuller, Amber Walls, Allison Johnston, Hailey Humphries, Sarah Kathleen Johnston

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  1. The photos look great! I had fun shooting the event.