Monday, April 28, 2014

Shatterproof Challenge: April 30th

On April 30, join the Shatterproof Challenge on the Dallas skyline. Together you can rappel to raise awareness and funding to support Shatterproof’s mission and programs.
Equally important is the message. We've all watched people walk, or run, on behalf of those with heart disease, cancer, autism and other diseases. Americans will watch people unite on behalf of those with the disease of addiction—and their loved ones. "Addiction will get us out and on the streets. We come together to increase awareness and funding for the prevention, treatment, and recovery of this disease. We will end the silence, shame, and stigma which has kept the suffering closeted for so long."
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The Summit at Las Colinas
 545 E John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75062

Participants sign up for a convenient, 1-hour time slot

Register and practice with equipment
10-15 minute rappel
Festival, carnival-like atmosphere with music and refreshments

No prior rappelling experience is necessary. They provide the equipment, and you'll have a training session with the expert rope specialists from Over the Edge before your big moment. All participants receive photos and a souvenir event shirt. Anyone who weighs between 110 and 300 pounds may participate. Minors under 18 can join in with signed waiver from parent or guardian.
Shatterproof is a non profit organization created to educate, empower and equip families, educators, health care providers, legislators and other to address addiction on a national scale. Shatterproof is lead by Gary Mendell, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, who lost his son Brian after nearly a ten year struggle with addiction.
The Shatterproof Challenge is a series of rappelling events across the country (20 cities in all) that provides an opportunity for people of all ages to challenge themselves and raise money for a much needed and neglected cause.
The event will kick off at 8:30AM with both Gary Mendell, CEO of Shatterproof, and Doug Tieman, CEO of Caron Treatment Center, rappelling, followed by Michael Fowler, a Preston Hollow resident, recovering addict and son of philanthropist Lee Ann White, rappelling at 8:50AM.
Michael Fowler grew up in Preston Hollow, fought his way out of addiction with alcohol, marijuana and cocaine (which he started during his high school years and struggled with for 9 years) and has been a great advocate with the addiction disease. Fowler is currently a certified interventionist and oversees the community relations at Caron Treatment Center in Princeton. Fowler is in the community raising awareness about addiction, treatment and recovery, and his an amazing voice in Preston Hollow and Park Cities educating kids, adults, educators, and neighbors about the addiction.

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