Thursday, March 20, 2014

United Way Releases First Ever Scorecards

This week, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas proudly released its first ever scorecards.
The Community Goals (initially known as “United 2020”), approved by the Board in 2010, were developed by a group of more than 150 corporate, civic, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders across our region. The group deliberately set goals that were big and bold and beyond the scope of United Way, alone, to rally wide-scale community support and collaboration.
After years of hard work — by volunteers, board members, content experts, business leaders, and staff — the 10-year vision for the community is being realized! You can view the full scorecards here:
Here are a few highlights:
  • Laying the Groundwork for Success through Education: In 2009, the College/Career readiness rate across our region was just slightly above 40%. United Way Dallas set a goal that at least 60% of all students in our region would graduate college/career ready. In 2012, 61% of students met this mark, based on Texas Education Agency metrics. 
  • Providing Pathways out of Poverty: Together, we’re working to reach the community-wide goal of 250,000 people on the path to financial stability by the year 2020. Since 2011, we’ve put over 70,000 people on that path. For example, through tax-time savings programs, 16,000 people received $29M total in tax refunds; providing a foundation for savings. But there is much more work to do!
  • Paving the Road to Better Health: Good health is fundamental to our capacity to enjoy our lives, provide for our families, realize our dreams, and contribute to society. Healthy kids are more likely to succeed in school and healthy adults are more productive employees and community leaders. Since 2011, United Way funded programs have increased healthcare access for 332,000 individuals. For example, in just two years, the Healthy Zone Schools have shown dramatic results – increasing health, nutrition and fitness for over 18,000 students. 
Get involved today! 
Give to the United Way and your whole community keeps the change. Advocate by speaking out with someone today about how United Way is making lasting change. Volunteer by serving as a mentor, tutor or reader.

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