Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Last Chance for ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibit at Perot Museum

Due to popular demand, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT, a BODY WORLDS Production, has been extended through this Sunday, Feb. 23, at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This is the last chance visitors will get to travel on an “anatomical safari” exploring more than 100 plastinated specimens from goats and giraffes, bulls and birds, to octopuses and ostriches, at the Perot Museum’s Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones Exhibition Hall.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT gives visitors a unique opportunity to view animals from a rarely seen perspective, exploring the skeletons, muscles, organs, circulatory systems and more. Stripping away nature's skin to the bare flesh and bones, ANIMAL INSIDE OUT brings together more than 100 plastinates including translucent slices, capillary specimens, organ configurations and full animal bodies displaying the intricate biology and physiology of some of the world’s most spectacular creatures.

Visitors to the exhibition go more than skin deep to see the body make up of some of the world's most impressive animals. Highlights of the ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibition include standing up close to the world’s tallest mammal, a giraffe, that towers over guests; a magnificent bull, with its heart five times the size of a human’s; a reindeer, with its hooves that adapt to the changing seasons; and the rarely seen giant squid, with its huge eyes, designed for picking up light in the ocean depths.

ANIMAL INSIDE OUT has been a big draw for adults as well as kids, giving them a fascinating look into the science of animals. For people of all ages, it illustrates the lessons of physiology and anatomy in a real-life, stunning, unforgettable manner,” said Steve Hinkley, vice president of programs at the Perot Museum. “Extending the show until February 23 will give more visitors an opportunity to see these amazing creatures before they leave Dallas.”

To avoid long lines and sell outs, all visitors are strongly encouraged to purchase advanced tickets at

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