Monday, June 10, 2013

History With a Twist Invites Guests Back in Time

Noted Dallas Mixologist Michael Martensen of Cedars Social, Smyth and his much anticipated upcoming new restaurant The Establishment, mixed things up for Dallas Heritage Village’s new signature fundraiser event “History with a Twist-a Celebration of the American Cocktail,” Saturday, May 18, on Main Street at Dallas Heritage Village, 1515 S. Harwood, Dallas, TX  75215.

Emily Plagens, Stephen Shanabrook
“In our efforts to create a unique new fundraising event, we knew we wanted to do something different," said Gary Smith, Executive Director, Dallas Heritage Village. "We came up with the historical cocktail idea and had seen a Prohibition cocktail menu at Michael’s Cedars Social, which is just around the corner from the Village.” 

Guests stepped back in time as they strolled down Dallas Heritage Village’s historic Main Street sampling a variety of unique creations of Martensen’s at numerous cocktail stations until 10 p.m., as well as food by Wendy Krispin Caterer throughout the evening. 
Eric and Christine Hall
Guests enjoyed rides in vintage cars, jazz music provided by the Singapore Slingers, and learned some new moves from dance instructors from the Rhythm Room who performed and taught moves from the ‘20s to the ‘40s.  Guests came dressed in their own vintage attire from Prohibition and the early 20th century and could also purchase items to accessorize that evening. 
Andrew Licon, Renee Licon, Daniel Ortega
 The silent auction featured wine and dinner packages along with some special Texas road trips.  Attendees also enjoyed documenting the occasion in the photo booth.

Lacy and Kelley Winsor

“There was no hesitation on my part regarding participating in this exciting new event benefiting building restoration at Dallas Heritage Village,” added Michael Martensen.  “I am delighted to help and be a part of something that benefited such an outstanding nationally accredited history museum in Dallas.  It’s true that I am a huge history buff…and if you’ve seen my line up of drink menus at Cedars Social, you probably are already aware.  The only way in this life that we can understand who we are and how we got to be that way is by studying the past.  Dallas Heritage Village helps people of all ages discover that every day!”

Mario Frattarelli, Marco Frattarelli, Lindsey Harrison, Paula Harrison, Orrin Harrison

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