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The November Chairman’s Spotlight Sponsored by William Noble Rare Jewels Featuring

Jennifer Karol and Catherine Rose

 The image is courtesy of the Dallas Museum of Art and photography is by Bruno.

On April 13th, 2013 the gorgeous ladies, Jennifer Karol and Catherine Rose will co-chair the 2013 Art Ball at the community favorite, Dallas Museum of Art. We were so excited to hear about all of the major details with these well-respected ladies in Dallas. Check out the interview here: 

1. As the largest event and fundraiser hosted by the Dallas Museum of Art, what prompted you to become involved with the 2013 Art Ball?

The Art Ball is an important event for the DMA and the city. In addition to being the one of the largest fundraisers for the Museum it also helps set the tone that arts are important to Dallas. Having the opportunity to help take the event to a new level is an exciting and fun challenge for both of us.

2. As co-chairman, what have you found to be the most daunting responsibility in planning the event?

"The devil is in the details!" Keeping track of all aspects of such a big event has both of us on our toes. We want every aspect of the event to be engaging and clever, so we are constantly focused on the big picture and the details--and always the bottom line! 

The event has always achieved a level of excellence in fundraising and the excitement of the event itself. Our challenge is to live up to 47 years of history, move it forward, and help set up success for many years to come. That is a lot of pressure. 

3. Both of you are heavily involved with the Dallas Museum of Art and many of its other events.  Where does your love of the art and the museum stem from?

Catherine: Growing up in a family that deeply valued artistic expression and the creative process ensured my interest in being involved with the DMA. The DMA is important to me because I believe that learning about works of art and artists from different cultures and times transforms your understanding of the world. 

Jennifer: Art has the ability to bring out so many good things in our world. Art always has a story and I enjoy the feeling I get learning those stories. I love the DMA because that is the city's great venue for telling those stories.
4. This year’s theme, Untitled, invites guests to transport themselves into a wide array of artistic expression.  What kind of experiences can guests expect to have?

We hope that each part of the evening--the cocktail party and auction, the seated dinner--will have moments that bring the entire crowd together celebrating the DMA. And, we hope that each guest has a unique, one-of a kind experience that makes a lasting impression on them like a great "Untitled" work of art.

5. What ideas and inspiration do you hope guests take away from the event?

We hope people will leave Art Ball exhausted from dancing late into the night! Seriously, we want people to have fun, enjoy being part of such a vibrant institution in the very heart of our downtown Arts District, and leave with the reminder that art is inspiring. And of course--to look forward to Art Ball 2014! 

6. Where did the idea of Untitled originate?  What made it the perfect choice for this year’s theme?
We wanted a theme that was evocative and not literal and that allowed the entire Art Ball creative team to have full license in creating an unexpected, memorable and lively event. We love that it gives you pause and makes you wonder--what is really going to happen on April 13, 2013?

7. Guests will have the opportunity to bid on luxury bespoke items available only at Art Ball.  Can you reveal any secrets about what these items may be and where they are from?

The auction theme is "One Off." In other words--experiences and objects that you simply cannot buy anywhere else but at the DMA on April 13. We have some special plans in the works--from a bespoke vegetable garden (complete with small chicken coop) for the aspiring urban harvester, backup singer in a special band, and a set of one of a kind dinner plates designed by a very well-known fashion designer.

8. The community has continued to support the Dallas Museum of Art, donating over $1 million at last year’s Art Ball. What is it that makes the museum so successful? Why do you believe it has become such an established and important part of the Dallas community?

Dallas citizens know that great art and art institutions help create great cities. The DMA is at the center of our city's aspirations of being a real cultural destination. How the Museum shares its collections with visitors in meaningful and interesting ways ensures that the DMA is engaging and relevant to the entire community.
9. Besides viewing the fabulous exhibits, the 2013 Art Ball promises to provide a unique atmosphere filled with art and music.  Are there any other surprises in the works that guests can look forward to? 
Would it be a surprise if we shared it now? It will be an UNFORGETTABLE night!

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