Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Brothers Big Sisters Announces mentor2.0

Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to announce their newest program, mentor2.0, a technology-enriched one-to-one youth mentoring program directly targeting high school students. Through partnerships between Big Brothers Big Sisters, schools, companies and individuals, mentor2.0 will support high-impact mentoring relationships, aimed at providing high school students with the support and guidance they need to graduate high school and succeed in college and the workforce.

mentor2.0 maintains the fundamentals of quality mentoring Big Brothers Big Sisters is known for through one-to-one relationships, providing professional relationship support and maintaining a focus on safety for the benefit of the mentee and mentor. mentor2.0 expands this by using technology for much of the interaction between the mentee and mentor, reducing the in-person time commitment to once every six weeks, and supporting the customized curriculum guide throughout the match interaction.

Thanks to many individual and partners, including Comerica and Ernst & Young, the program is being piloted this school year at North Dallas High School, Kimball High School, Irving High School's AVID program and a local charter school, Uplift Education. The pilot will match 600 volunteers with high school students by the end of the year.

To learn more about mentor2.0, please email or call BBBS at 1-866-796-3682.

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