Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kiehls Kiehls Kiehls

Can I please just profess my immense love for this brand? 
Having been a Kiehl's fan for years, I was naturally excited to attend the Grand Opening of their Dallas North Park store, but I left even more in love with them than I had been before. We're talking school-yard-crush-do-you-want-half-of-my-p.b. and j type of thing.

The store is nothing short of fantastic! You walk in, and you know its upscale, but the laid-back cool vibe takes away any pretention. That's even with the enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling (which I may or may not have been thinking about how to steal it and take it home with me). 

If you've been a Kiehl's lover, you know that their products work. Period. Kiehl's doesn't have to rely on exotic smell-good lotions and magic, miracle creams; they have perfected the science of good skin care and have made that perfection accessible to the masses. 

That's not the only reason to love them though. Over the past 10 years, Kiehl's has donated more than $1 million dollars to charities across the Unites States. Their innovative team has taken it a step further by crafting products to help raise funds for their favorite causes. In 2008, Kiehl's developed a Aloe Vera biodegradable body wash and the proceeds went toward the Hurricane Katrina relief fund.

Today was a special day, not only for Kiehls, but also for TWO x TWO, the largest fundraiser in the United States for amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. amfAR has made great strides in essential AIDS research initiatives over the last 25 years, and Kiehl's was honored to donate $25,000 to support them in their efforts!

I told you they were wonderful! Now back to the skin care... Is any one else MELTING in this heat? I feel like my makeup disappears during my walk from my car into the office. Lucky for me, I got to sit down with Kiehl's president, Chris Salgardo, and pick his brain for some great Summer skin care tips on how to beat the heat!

RSVP: Its 106 degrees outside, what can I use that's going to help me not feel like my makeup is melting off?

Chris: This has been an a common problem forever, and part of that issue is getting a high enough sunscreen that isn't so thick that is was also going to contribute to your makeup feeling runny or coming off. We came up with a product called "Super Fluid." What you want to basically have is SPF 50, because what all of these new monograph studies are telling us is that if you want sunscreen protection - real protection - its not 15, its 50. Now if you're a makeup-wearer, you need something thats going to give your makeup enough of a slip, but its not going to contribute to making it feel oily or put too much moisture in it. So look for things that are very light-wight; I recommend the "Super Fluid" and use a lose powder. 

RSVP: Ok, I passed a Harley Davidson when I walked in. Did you pick that out?

Chris: I did! I pick them out for all of our stores. I started riding when I was 12! 

RSVP: Your Mom let you do that?

Chris: Oh she rode too! My father rode, my mother rode and I rode. The bike is so important because its so symbolic of Kiehl's spirit, adventure and the athleticism of our customers. We also use it for charitable causes. The next ride is in two weeks -1800 miles, Miami to DC!

RSVP: Your charity work is so commendable. You've worked with so many organizations. What drew you to TWO x TWO?

Chris: First of all I got to meet Cindy Rachofsky about two years ago, and I think I just fell in love with her.  She has a true commitment - you can tell the people {who} have a desire to really make a change. We really believe that our way out of this disease is through a vaccine and cure and that's {TWO x TWO's} commitment. It was easy for us to sign up!

Chris and I went on to gush over the store's decor, from the neon lights to the photo booth in the corner,  Kiehl's has such a great atmosphere! 
I wanted to stay and play with Chris and his FABULOUS New York crew, but before I took off, Kiehl's gave me a bag full of goodies. (They are known for being on the generous side. Order online and expect to get no less than three larger-than-normal size samples on-the-house!)
Look at this full-sized bottle of Ultra Facial Cleanser I snagged! 

We love all things green here in the RSVP office, so I was tickled pink when I saw this recycling bin for your Kiehl's products once you've used up their gloriousness. 

Congratulations again Kiehl's! We are so happy to have you in North Park Center, and cannot wait to see what must-have you come up with next!

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