Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What to Wear Where: The Gala in the Garden

Even if you went on venue alone, The Gala in the Garden is sure to be one gorgeous event! We know you're excited for this soiree celebrating Chihuly, but the attire, "Black tie and flats," could leave you at a loss for what to wear.
 Luckily, whimsical maxi dresses are all the rage right now. They are effortlessly beautiful and right-on-point for a formal event.
Below are six dresses that are perfect for the occasion as well as a pair of matching flats that your tootsies will love you for!
{1 dress - shoes / 2 dress - shoes / 3 dress - shoes / 4 dress - shoes / 5 dress - shoes / 6 dress - shoes}

The fabrics are light-weight enough for a warm night outdoors, but still dressy enough to complement a tuxedo. If you just cant bare the idea of not wearing heels, try a simple wedge. It will give you the height, and you won't have to worry about aerating the grass!

Event Details
The Gala in the Garden
celebrating Chihuly
at The Dallas Arboretum
8617 Garland Road
Dallas, TX 75218

May 4th @ 6:00pm

Chairperson Kaki Hopkins

For more information, contact Karen Reardon at

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