Monday, May 14, 2012

P.L.A.Y. Foundation event was a success

A newlywed of only six months Jennifer Griffin woke up in the hospital to realize she would live her life as a quad amputee. Just days prior, she and her husband thought she had a bad case of the flu but was diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cyst which led to sepsis, a deadly blood disease. After her organs began to fail the doctors at Medical City Dallas determined that her extremities would require amputation due to lack of oxygen and blood flow. Three months later Jennifer was discharged from the hospital with new physical challenges yet with a more resolute spirit than before. Her daunting physical transformation led to a new purpose in life which now encourages other amputees to live an active and positive life.
Chef Tracy Miller, Brian Girard

Since 2009 Jennifer's grass roots efforts have brought a sense of normalcy and joy to those who have lost a limb and specifically touched Chef Tracy Miller's heart of Local restaurant. Following Limb Loss Awareness Month in April, Chef Miller joined Jennifer in a cooking demonstration/event to show attending guests how to overcome physical and emotional obstacles in the kitchen, as well as in life.

On May 2, 2012, guests - including Mayor Mike Rawlings - gathered at Local restaurant for an evening of cocktails, cheers and charity, along with a live Q&A with Tracy & Jennifer. The evening benefited P.L.A.Y. (Positive Living for Active Youth) Foundation, aimed at bringing awareness and understanding to the challenges and victories that an amputee encounters and to further benefit recipients of P.L.A.Y. Foundation grants.
Jennifer Griffin, Mayor Mike Rawlings

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