Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Junior League of Dallas: A Night at Peacock Terrace

Junior League of Houston President Perry Ann Reed, Junior League of Tulsa President Sarah Dougherty, Junior League of Dallas President Susan Wells, Junior League of Collin County President Beccy Alldredge, County, Junior League of Fort Worth President Liz Fleischer

On February 25th, the Junior League of Dallas hosted its 50th Annual Ball with ball chair, Elizabeth Gambrell. Sponsored by Sewell Automotive Companies, this year's ball was titled "A Night at the Peacock Terrace" and took guests back to 1922 to the famous Baker Hotel - speakeasy style! High atop the (now demolished) Baker Hotel in Dallas on the 18th floor was a famous ballroom modeled after an old English Inn by renowned Dallas architects, Fooshee and Cheek. Known far and wide as the Peacock Terrace, the ballroom was popular with debutantes, movie stars, and swing bands during the 20s. This year's annual ball recreated the Peacock Terrace with beautiful flapper girls, a 20s band, peacock models, and more. After enjoying the auction, seated dinner, and dance floor, guests headed to the hidden speakeasy in the building, deemed Club 1922, for a late night party sponsored by the Dallas Southwest Osteopathic Physicians.

Junior League of Dallas Ball Chair Elizabeth Gambrell and Eric Gambrell

Junior League of Dallas President Susan Wells and Peter Spina

Don Hicks, Deanna Bansuelo, Junior League of Dallas President Susan Wells, Dr. Joe LaManna and Dr. Frank Cundari

Carl Sewell III and Josie McGray

Junior League of Dallas Past Ball Chairs (Top Row) Kristina Whitcomb, Amy Turner, Angela Nash, D’Andra Simmons (Bottom Row) Paige Slates, Alicia Wood, Daffan Nettle, Lynn McBee and Joan Eleazer

Late Night After Party Chairs Jennifer Wright, JacquelineHill and Paige Westhoff

Photography by Dana Driensky and Daniel Driensky

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