Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Voice of Hope Annual Fundraising Luncheon

Since opening its doors in 1982, the Voice of Hope Ministries has inspired educational excellence and services to families in the West Dallas community.  Debbie Dunlap chaired the annual fundraising luncheon held on October 25 at the facility, attended by over 300 guests.

Mike Doramus, President of the Board of Voice of Hope and Ed Franklin, Executive Director    
Luncheon speaker, Mayor Mike Rawlings, stressed the importance of hope.  "Only 45% of Americans believe our best days are ahead, but in Dallas 65% believe our best days are ahead of us and it is because of organizations like Voice of Hope that the power of education will provide a future that will be better than the past," said the mayor.

Debbie Dunlap, Mayor Mike Rawlings and Mrs. Rawlings   

Voice of Hope Ministries is a Christian community center founded on the principles of self-help, spiritual enrichment and urban renewal.  Voice of Hope Ministries exists to provide children living in the neighborhoods of West Dallas with strong character models, education support, life skills and family support services needed to become productive Christian citizens.  
For more information, visit www.voiceofhope.org.

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