Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dian Malouf "Go Girl" Ring, Available at SWAG

When Dian Malouf began looking for a large sterling silver and gold ring, she never found one, so she designed one for herself.

She wore her first design effort to Europe and was asked in four languages, "Where on earth did you find that beautiful ring?" She came home, and with out any experience or business background, designed more rings. All were quickly sold. That was thousands of designs ago.Dian's recognizable designs immediately distinguish her in a market crowded with other established jewelry designers. Her bold creations dazzle the confident woman, many of whom are art ball chairs, CEOs, and on the "A List."
Dian's jewelry has sold to Oprah, Elton John, Randy Travis, and enough other stars to fill the night sky. But her "Go Girl" ring has been perhaps her most rewarding personal experience. This ring, along with along with a message from Dian, tells women to "hang in there" regardless of circumstances. The "Go Girl" (part of the proceeds of which go to breast cancer research) has become a comfort to many breast cancer survivors and others who have hit a bump or two in the road of life. Dian receives many letters from recipients of the ring... all uplifting and all with sincere inspirational thanks.

You can find Dian Malouf's jewelry at SWAG at NorthPark Center. SWAG will also have a booth at Race for the Cure on October 15, where they will promote Dian Malouf's Go Girl Ring and Survivor Ring. These rings can be purchased in the NorthPark SWAG location the day of the race and beyond—proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research at Baylor Healthcare Systems."I created the GO GIRL ring as a special reminder for women to believe in themselves. The GO GIRL ring is a celebration of life's happy times: first job, promotion, graduation, marriage or new baby. When loss or illness occurs, the GO GIRL ring reminds us to hang in there, take charge, speak up and remind ourselves that we are our own best support system. So give yourself a hug and show life that you can GO GIRL!" - Dian Malouf

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