Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Honey!

There is a new bee company in Savannah, Georgia that certainly is getting a lot of buzz. They are one of America's fastest growing companies. With delicious harvests like: Tupelo Honey, Sourwood Honey, Black Sage and Orange Blossom Honey they have a wide variety of flavors for any one's palate. Not to mention that all of their bees are KSA Kosher Certified and 100% pure with no additives.

Savannah Bee Company has a Peace honey that comes from Honduras, and with each purchase donates $3 per bottle towards Heifer International, whose main goal is to end hunger and poverty in the Honduran communities. This is not the first time this yummy company has helped out either, their Black Sage Honey just recently helped fund the Red Cross aid after all the terrible storms in the South.

Slather some of their delicious honey on an array of foods and know you are helping a community and organization somewhere. Go ahead and BEE creative!!

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