Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Build A Nest

Nest is a nonprofit organization that empowers female artists and artisans around the world. Using a unique combination of interest-free microfinance loans, mentoring from established designers, as well as a market in which to sell their crafts, Nest helps its loan recipients create successful small businesses. Nest instills pride of ownership, preserves ancient artistic traditions and successfully moves women from poverty to self-sufficiency.When women are given the opportunity to earn a living wage, families and children are supported. By supporting Nest, you will play an active role in creating sustainable employment and changing entire communities. Help us preserve handmade artisan traditions and culture by investing in skilled artists worldwide.Nest recognizes that women have been artists for thousands of years. Whether creating utilitarian household objects, clothes for their families or decorative objects for themselves or their homes, the female artistic tradition is a way of defining and maintaining the community. By providing entrepreneurial loans to craftswomen and artisans, Nest gives women an opportunity to utilize existing skill sets, as well as supplying a marketplace where loan recipients can sell their handicrafts to repay their loans and access demand for their products.
Shop here for unique clothing, jewelry, bags, home goods, accessories and children's items to support these female artisans.

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