Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Say Yes Luncheon

Over 250 guests joined Honorary Chairs Lisa and Kenny Troutt for the Annual Just Say YES Luncheon held in their home on May 11. The luncheon was catered by Chef Richard Chamberlain. Hospitality provided by the Bishop Dunne students.

Devin Wyman, Speaker; Lisa and Kenny Troutt, Honorary Chairs; Keith Davis, Speaker

Former NFL players Keith Davis and Devin Wyman were on hand to deliver feature remarks for the event. Davis was a standout at the University of Southern California before his career with the New York Giants in the NFL. The 6'8, 330 lbs Wyman played at Kentucky State University before winning a Super Bowl as a member of the New England Patriots. As they are doing for groups of youths across the nation, Davis and Wyman shared their personal trials and triumphs and performed several strength-defying feats to demonstrate the power of dreams, vision and focusing your efforts on being a champion. "You are here today to make a difference by how you live and what you believe," said Davis. "What you do in the dark, always comes to the light. There is a high cost of low living and we must cloth our youth with character and education," said Wyman.
Lara Bailey; Sue and Dan Bailey, Co-Chairs of the Just Say Yes Luncheon; Chef Richard Chamberlain

"All too often our culture guides youth on a journey that encourages them to follow the crowd, ignoring positive voices. Just Say YES inspires, directs and leads with a message of truth by giving the tools and expertise needed to guide youth toward achieving their dreams and goals," said Founder and Executive Director, Dan Bailey. "Since 2002, the high impact speakers and multimedia programs of Just Say YES have helped redirect the lives of youth to a future full of hope and promise by saying "YES" to their dreams and goals and "no" to destructive choices."

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