Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Emi Jay

The other day I was doing some shopping and came across these adorable hair products created by Emi-Jay. Instantly I thought they were very cute and would be a great gift and the perfect hair accessory. What really sold me was how philanthropic this company is!

Started by two fashion-savvy teenagers, their products have taken off! A portion of each proceed is donated to such charities as: Operation Smile, Locks of Love, Toys for Tots, Project Knapsack and many more. What started as something fun for these teen entrepreneurs has become a hit throughout the country and helps so many wonderful organizations. Go ahead and buy away, you won't be able to resist! You may purchase them online or through some of our great local stores here in Dallas like Learning Express in Snider Plaza, Beyond Pilates, Kid Biz and others. CLICK HERE to find more local venues and have fun with your Emi-Jay products!

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