Friday, March 4, 2011

Dallas Summer Musicals Sounds Better Than Ever!

The Music Hall at Fair Park is now outfitted with an all new, state-of-the-art sound concept. As the quality of sound improves through technological advances and the style of sound changes with each theatrical production, DSM’s goal is to ensure that every single patron enjoys each show and its unique style of music to the fullest. That’s why the new sound concept, new sound system enhancements and many other complementary acoustic improvements have been made.

Many people don’t realize that most Broadway theaters have 800 – 1,000 seats. The Music Hall has more than 3,400. Since most shows design the sound for the smaller theaters, it has been a challenge to distribute that sound to each patron. Now, that has all changed.

Part of the challenge was to preserve the art deco look of the Music Hall, a Nationally Registered Landmark building, while transforming its acoustics to complement the need of modern electronic sound systems. Thousands of square feet of acoustic materials have been added to the side walls, the front of the balcony and even the rear walls, doors and certain exit areas, including space-age technology licensed by NASA and new materials that adapt themselves to the surrounding environment.

Join in the experience as Dallas Summer Musicals continues to bring the Best of Broadway home to Texas for over 70 years and now, presents the best sound ever in the Music Hall at Fair Park!

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