Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caps for Good Can Save A Life

After reading this post get your knitting needles out and go to work on some adorable hats for Caps for Good, a grassroots movement that is part of Save the Children and the Good Goes campaign. These hats will be sent to Save the Children's newborn health programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We sometimes take for granted how something like a hat can save a life. You can make as many caps as you would like or get a group of friends together, spread the word and knit away! Community support is a wonderful thing.
Their website is full of information on Caps for Good, along with knitting and crocheting cap patterns -- adorable! Of course you can let your creativity flow and make any style you would like, too.
WHAT: Caps for Good
WHEN: Deadline for the program is February 28, 2011
MORE INFORMATION: Please visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

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