Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Limelight - Gifts for Moms

Moms know how important holidays and special occasions are to their children. Every effort is given to make each moment special. Unfortunately for single moms, there is often no money remaining after providing for their children during holiday season. The holidays can be lonely and depressing. Gifts for Moms wants to help and needs your assistance as well.

Christmas Gift Drive - Needs

This year, the goal is to distribute at least 500 gifts to single mothers. Gifts for Moms needs new donated gift items valued at over $25. They would like to reward these mothers with something to make them feel special, such as bath robes, slippers, perfume, purses, gift certificates, movie tickets, clothing, and jewelry. In addition to gifts, they need wrapping paper and bows, as well as food for the Christmas party where they will be distributing gifts. Cash donations are also appreciated.

Gifts for Moms needs volunteers to deliver gifts, babysit at the party, find new gift drop locations, wrap gifts, and donate food for the 250 attendees at the Christmas party on December 19. They would love to find a national retail partner to possibly expand the program nationwide. The success of the Gifts for Moms program depends on the generosity of the people in our North Texas Community.

Beyond Christmas… Their work goes on after Christmas. The organization serves as an excellent resource for women in crisis. They help women get food, clothing, pay their utilities and find employment. Through their social media network, they distribute information and seek help from the 5,000+ on their distribution list.

This year, Gifts for Moms, will expand to celebrate moms’ birthdays! They will be partnering with local businesses to provide gifts, baked goods and flowers to be delivered to single moms on their birthdays. Please join them in this effort.

Gifts for Moms also seeks any information and resources to help single mothers and their families, job leads, babysitting and more. By helping these struggling mothers, we help their children. When we help children, we help heal the world.

For information or questions, contact Stephanie Ward at giftsformoms@rocketmail.com or 214-774-2194.

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