Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jewels AND Pinstripes

Now imagine how fun this could be -- entrepreneurs out there, listen up! If you have a great product directed towards moms, babies or children, you need to get in touch with Jewels and Pinstripes. They are a company specializing in Celebrity & VIP Gift Bags for Charity and High Profile Celebs. To stay in the know, join their monthly mailing list, too.

You can be building your companies status along side some of the industry's best brands while gifting to Celebrity A-Listers. They often participate in Charity Fundraisers, which vary year to year. Since 2004 Jewels and Pinstripes has raised over $275,000 for charity. They have upcoming events frequently, so sign up for the quarterly "BUMP", Baby or Birthday Gift Bag programs and your product could end up in some hands that you probably had not expected. Talk about brand recognition along with some wonderful charities collecting benefits!

WHO: Jewels AND Pinstripes

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