Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Help Fight Hunger In Our Community

We have a strong community and Walmart is putting that to task by helping to fight hunger. Millions of Americans do not receive adequate nutrition, the national average being 9.2%, our community ranks in at a staggering 18.6% of families that cannot afford regular meals. Walmart has committed to donate $2 billion dollars by 2015 for the fight against hunger which will help so many people in need. This year they are letting the communities decide (that is you and me), so come on Dallas/Fort Worth! All they are asking is for each person to browse the communities selected and see who you think needs the money the most. $1 million will go to the one with the most votes. The next five most supported will receive $100,000. Can you imagine how much $1 million would help the hunger problem here? Vote, vote, vote...

There are more than one way to make Dallas receive the $1 million, it is simple and easy to do:
  • CLICK HERE to select the community you think needs the money the most. I know this is not something we desire to win for a normal competition, but we need the extra funding, so GO DALLAS!!
  • Get on your Facebook account and "Like" that community. Each "like" counts as a vote, so make sure to share it with all your friends addicted to FB, too!
  • Spread the word, volunteer or donate your time around town. This is a problem that can be tackled -- tell everyone in our community to help raise awareness for hunger problems in our beloved country and hometowns.
Thank you Walmart for helping all of us fight for hunger!
Deadline is December 31, 2010.

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