Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Limelight: Odyssey Healthcare

Odyssey Healthcare is one of the largest hospice providers in the country. This hospice service provides care for patients with all types of illnesses. Under Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance programs, Odyssey will provide medical supplies and equipment associated with the terminal illness, such as bandages, catheters, oxygen, hospital bed, wheelchair and walkers, at no cost to the patient. Odyssey will also provide medications associated with the terminal illness to help relieve symptoms at no cost to the patient.

Odyssey provides patients with specialized hospice “comfort care” and offers compassionate care for people coping with a life-limiting illness. Odyssey goes the extra mile to enable patients to live their lives fully while sharing what precious time remains with their loved ones and friends. When a patient has a life expectancy of six months or less, Odyssey’s comfort care providers help to treat the symptoms caused by the disease when the disease cannot be cured.

Although providing comfort care can require much time, commitment and specialized training, there are several ways you can help out. Volunteer Services will send out an email request for food donations to patients under hospice care that can no longer afford the basic necessities. Spa Days are hosted for residents at assisted living communities throughout Dallas. Volunteers are encouraged to enjoy a day of spa-like pampering for much-deserving residents and patients. Other seasonal events require volunteers when providing these socially unique experiences for those affected by life-limiting illnesses.

If you’d like to volunteer for these events or to fulfill food donation requests, please see contact information listed below for Volunteer Services Manager, Lorrie Anderson with Odyssey Hospice.
Odyssey Hospice
5440 Harvest Hill Road
Dallas TX 75230
P: 972-720-0999

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