Monday, June 21, 2010

The Limelight: Les Femmes Du Monde

Today, the Limelight is certainly on Les Femmes du Monde. Les Femmes du Monde is a non-profit in Dallas that first came to be on June 14th in 1961. The organization was founded by 20 Dallas women who were and are incredibly involved and concerned with many facets of worldly issues which both directly and indirectly affect our country and community. Today, Les Femmes du Monde continues to bring brilliant and lively women in the community together. The organizations beneficiaries are the World Affairs Council of Dallas-Fort Worth and the Children's Medical Center of Dallas.

The organization hosts a mélange of events, meetings, and functions throughout the year which help to raise money towards these dedicated causes while allowing members and attendees to discuss the very conflicts and problems that initially brought them together.

For a listing of upcoming events and information on membership, visit

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