Friday, June 11, 2010

The Dallas Institute Celebrates its Hatch Date

Honoring June 10th, 1980, the day the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture was created thirty years ago, the original founders Dr. Gail Thomas, Dr. Louise Cowan, and Dr. Joanne Stroud were joined by James Hillman, Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus, John Tatum, Robert Sardello, and Drs. Claudia and Larry Allums at the Swan Warehouse for lunch yesterday in celebration. The Dallas Institute will be kicking off its official 30 Year Anniversary Celebration this fall. The summer programming is geared towards principals and teachers, but be sure to visit the website in August for information on the exciting and intellectually invigorating fall course line-up.

from bottom left: Dr. Gail Thomas, Dr. Louise Cowan, Dr. Joanne Stroud
from top left: Dr. Larry Allums, Dr. Claudia Allums, Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus, John Tatum
photo credit: Kathy King


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